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Below are just a few of the recent comments that Computer Hope receives each day. This type of feedback are what help us continue to provide a free service to everyone, thank you. The following opinions are those of the individuals who have written them and to protect their privacy we've only listed their first name or alias.

The comparisons between desktops and laptops was exactly what I was looking for. (Carol)

This site is great! Don't change anything. (Mike)

Lately, has been showing up at the top of my search results and has become a welcome sight/site to see as a useful place for relevant information and needed resources. (Racerx55)

ITS AWESOME! Thanks for doing all this. (Ethan)

I put in browser search CASE change and got link to this page. Magic option I was searching was SHIFT + F3. Thank you team! (Povi)

Your page is very simple but yet very informative. Thanks for your work in making this helpful information available. (Donna)

This was a really great website. My gratitude goes to everyone who made this website amazing. (DMZ)

Everything was good and simple. Loved it. (Ibra)

The site is a great discovery that helps find exact information on computing. (Amos)

I was having trouble with my touch pad on my laptop and after reading the instructions, I knew right away what to do. Fn+F2 key and problem solved... 10/10. (Gabriél)

It is q powerful and well designed page... Have really enjoyed it. (Anonymous)

This was extremely helpful! Thank you so much for the help! (Tyler A)

Simplified information that's easy to understand. Thumbs up. (Kenneth)

Very informative and concise. (Rumman)

I own a marketing agency and your solution to saving an entire webpage saved me DAYS of work! Your solution solved my problem in about 3 clicks instead of rebuilding the (long, long, long) page from scratch. Thank you SO MUCH for publishing this. I'm bookmarking your site because I love having resources like yours at my fingertips. (Pam N.)

Thank you for your information, it's simple but quite effective. Just what I was searching for! Thanks. (Frank)

I am very impressed by the information you published that explains each and every item. Till now I had not found such neat and ordered notes. Thank you. (Kanhaiyalal N.)

I disabled my touchpad and this was the only place with the right troubleshooting instructions. Thanks!!. (King)

I tried what you suggested, and it worked. Doesn't get better than that. (Andy)

At the age of 79, I am still using MS QBASIC 4.5, primarily for text applications. Computerhope has been a handy resource for years for MSDOS on Windows, and for the DOSBOX emulation I use to run on my Mac mini. Certainly far easier and more comprehensive than the Help section of QBasic itself. Thanks a bunch!. (Bill)

Very informative.. I feel I can get a lot of very enjoyable use out of my new computer thanks to this article. (Debbi)

Keep up the good work! We are all counting on you :). (Valerie )

Just want to say thank you so much. (Hamdan)

Hi! I've just stumbled across your site via the bash mapfile page, and wanted to say that I love it- the design is clean, and I find the images and diagrams included in articles really endearing, from the highlighting of mapfile's `readarray` alias on that first page, to the cascading font sizes currently on the home page, and the merged browser icons on the `Clear History` and `Browser Update` pages. Everything feels clean, sharp, and concise. The Today in Computer History section was also a delight. Congrats on 22+ years!. (Antlers)

Your the best website! I made a whole website builder from only a batch file! this was awesome for me. thank you so much!. (Mouaz)

Just wanted to learn about what wildcards were - thank you. (L)

Perfectly clear and the first site I searched. Thanks. (R)

It was a great experience everything was to my liking I loved everything. (Agnes C.)

Great for individuals like me with little to no knowledge of computers and how they work. Thank you. (Alfonso)

Thanks very much for your platform, it made it easy to find what I was looking for, it not only gives the definition but it explains and goes deeper. Thanks so much for this. Am grateful. (A. B.)

In in absolute love with this site, its easy to digest and gives programming examples which I have BEEN VERY VERY GRATEFUL for! Many thanks. (Michelle G.)

Provided your link, in my online discussions, in my class that I am taking on Microsoft Windows, through UMA; (Ultimate Medical Academy Online). Thank you for your link it was very informative and well needed, as I am starting this class and I have not received my text book. (J F)

Your app is very useful. I know that many people will like it. (Jewel)

Well set out. Explained basics simply and precisely. (Greyhen)

I easily found how to fix my problem :) Thanks. (Genevieve)

I really like the simplicity of the site and dark-mode :). (Phoenix)

I'm going to recommend this website to my 14 year old grandson. I think it is important that young people have a good understanding of how computers work so that they are prepared for today's job market. (Dennis D.)

Keep up the good work, clear correct and concise. many thanks. I appreciate no stupid music or bad language. (Joe)

Very logical & accurate troubleshooting information. (Gerh)

Really good, well written and informative article. (Sid)

Really simple to find what I want to know. Thank you! (L. L.)

I have had that stupid activate message on my computer since I upgraded it 3 months ago and could not be happier to find this article. Thank you. (Blake)

This is the only site where I understand the concepts. (Annah)

Thank you for all the information you provide. Making this phone easy to bc by understand. thank you. (Khloe)

Very easy to find my answers, and more informative than other website. (W. A.)

Super easy, no time wasted here! (Tina)

Thanks for these shortcut keys, I learned many new shortcuts. (M. R.)

Great to keep the MS-DOS knowledge and experience alive!. (Rob)

Hi, Been on dz's of forums in the past 25+ yr on the NET & "ComputerHope" is the MOST Professional, Useful, Spot-on design, I have ever seen. Have learned several new techniques on my first visit. I will put your link will be on my & create a custom icon for it. Keep up the good work, klxdrt. (Klxdrt)

Thx for putting the steps in easy-to-WRITE-down format. The middle of an uninstall/reinstall operation is no time to be looking for a web page, or even a .txt file on the computer that is being operated on. Thanks. (Anonymous)

This was really satisfying. kill -9 -1 on Linux makes sense now! Thanks. (Steph)

Wasted 2days seeking an answer - then found... you, helpful - thanks. (Kate)

The information provided was exactly what I needed to make an informed decision on a computer device for my seven year old great granddaughter and it was easy to find. (Sandy)

Laptop was not switching on. The suggestion given here worked successfully. Thank you. (Vijay)

I couldn't find the pause key, but you mentioned opening Control Panel and it worked for me. Thanks!. (Mr. Epic)

Great tip on spreadsheets text formatting. Thanks. (Dan)

Excellent non intrusive site with relevant information. Thank you. (Mike T)

I had a good experience in doing my research here, keep it up. (Anonymous)

Thank you so much. I thought I broke my laptop :) Your info was very helpful. (Sandhya)

Appreciate the help. Easy to understand for this computer illiterate person. (Joanne)

I know nothing about computers.. These articles definitely helped me know how to save to flash drive, and the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0.. THANKS. (Sam)

I found this site very interesting and quick to use. (Justin)

Very simple and more in detail. Very short and sharp. (Apolonia)

It was great. The information of what I was looking was simply was written here. It was for an assignment and thanks for the help. (Ilakkiya)

I found the computer Hope Feedback site by accident. I am amazed at the amount of information it contains. Why wasn't I told of the treasure when I first bought my computer? It would have saved me hours of frustration. (Faye)

I really thank the manger of this website, I am so grateful for the information. Appreciate it. (Isaiah)

It was really easy to find the solution to my problem on this website. (Kunal)

I actually got what I was searching for and more. (A. L.)

Thank you so much for posting about absolute values/formula and for providing an example. It was EXACTLY what I needed and has cut my work time in half. I really appreciate this post. (S. A.)

This site is one of my favourites for search definitions and topics related to technology. The search engine is simple, functional and intuitive; it makes the research really comfortable. Also, the website design is really good and practical; I really love it! The terms are really well done and are presented in a way that even a non-technical person can understand the information. You've made an absolute great job with this site, my friends! (C. Z.)

The whole operation took only a moment and worked. Thanks. (Anonymous)

Needed a little guidance, and this website explained it clearly. Thank you for using easy to understand words. :) (Geoffrey H.)

The only simple, direct and correct answer. Thanks. (Robin D.)

Brilliant, needed to enable my touch pad after being "angry" with my laptop ha ha. Fantastic site I will share it. (Graham)

This changed my life! I've wasted so much time doing things the long way round!!!!. (Clo)

I was desperate for help and found your page. It was helpful. Thank you so much. (H. M.)

Thanks!!! This saved me a bunch of time and money. (BluntSage52)

You answered my question. Simply and to the point. Thank you. (I. R.)

This was FAR more useful than Microsoft's page on finding a check mark symbol. Thank you! (Kristen)

Thanks for making this. now I can launch a terminal without leaving the keyboard :). (Anonymous)

Very easy to understand. Clear explanation. Thanx!! (Leksi)

Thank you. Instructions were clear and I found my Windows version immediately. (Elizabeth W.)

Thanks for illuminating these terms. I teach computer fundamentals in high school, and these explanations will be invaluable. (Bill)

Found your web page when I was trying to figure out why an Iogear GKM611B keyboard I purchased in 2011 and not really used until now working on Windows 10. It turned out it was a simple matter of turning off the keyboard and turning it on (after turning off my bluetooth mouse although I don't know if that had any impact). Thanks! (Jim in TX)

Very helpful, found in seconds. So great. thanks. (A. N.)

My experience in this page was beautiful. I found the answer I was looking for right away. Thanks... I appreciate it. (R. I.)

Thank you so much! your help is so appreciated and I'm so glad that my browser is now set to normal again! Thanks for your detailed and clear instructions! (Julia)

I am a brand-new user of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. I find the info the info provided to be impeccably useful. (George L.)

Your succinct, clear definition and examples for "thin client" made it easy to understand quickly. Excellent - thanks! (Anonymous)

Continue the wonderful work of educating the masses on the workings of Excel. Thank you for teaching me something new today. (VIvienne)

Thanks so much!!! I have wasted so much time trying to do this. Your instructions were spot on! (Ann)

I liked this site simple layout and very easy to use, good work helped me a lot. Many Thanks. (Mike one)

This website is an amazing resource, and I can't thank you enough for all that you've taught me. Keep up the great work. (Joshua)

It helped me understand very well about networks... thank you. (Anonymous)

Keep up the good work, I really like that you used examples to make it easier to remember the terms. (S. N.)

An excellent site! Just landed here for the 1st time, sort of by accident - been looking for something just like this, simple to use yet surprisingly comprehensive. Well done! (Jimbo)

I would recommend this site to anyone who needs tech help. Very helpful. (P. F.)

Very useful information (Mohsin S.)

It is really an amazing experience to visit this site. Everything is explained as easily as possible. Thank you so much for your contribution in the world of CS. (Mohammed S.)

The explanation which you give is very useful, in simple words and short notes. Many thanks. (Ramanjot K.)

Nice writeup on the bash read command and all of its options... helped get me unstuck on something I was struggling with... many thanks!!! (Tom)

Helped me to re-display the battery Taskbar icon - thanks for the clear instructions. (Chas)

Thank you so much. I had given up hope and was going to pay someone to diagnose the issue. I don't remember why or how I ended up here but I did and after 3 days of research and trying so many things your very simple suggestion did the trick. I pushed down on the bios chip -- problem solved. (D. T.)


This was a great article. Got the info and set up in no time. Thanks. (Ross H.)

Thanks for your insights and expertise. (David)

Thank you very much, Computer Hope, for sharing. The information on the computer here is of immense help to all, I'm sure. (Iboro-kun)

Again, a delightful article on the "attrib" command. Not all-encompassing, but meets above and beyond the average users demand. (Iboro-kun)

This is a great explanation of what sticky keys are. Hope everyone else thinks so too. (Karina)

It was brilliant the way you showed a diagram as well as explaining in words. Thank you very much. (Anne)

I will use some of the data on this website to complete my assignment. The data is very detail and useful. Thanks a lot. (Anonymous)

Direct and clear. That was the answer I was looking for. Thanks for the help. (Fernando)

Hi, and good morning. I just found this site, I didn't know where the lexicon was. So I asked on my iPad in the second attempt asking for a computer lexicon I was led to your site. I am excited to find computer help, as an old timer growing up with a M radio, technology is a challenge :-) I will look forward do examine computer hope. Thank you for this site, God bless all of you! And thank you! Have a very very blessed day :-). (Peter)

Straight to the point, gotta try it. Thank You. (B. A.)

Thanks for giving me the accurate answer. (Okeowo)

Computer Hope is the best knowledge provider in the field of computers. (Sanjeev)

Best computer studies site For sure its good for research. (Alionziwilfred)

I recommend this site for everyone. It's fast and convenient. Thank you to the owner of this website. (Kushmoni)

Keep it up please, and thanks a lot for your contribution to boosting computer literacy. (Musa S.)

Perfectly short and good guides. U're doing a great job!. (Dorin)

I got to learn what a form feed was in seconds! I do wish that this would show up higher on google search as this website is very concise. (S. N.)

I just searched up what I needed and this popped up and it was very helpful. It was easy and simple. Thank you. (Sophie)

Looks like a good website for computing, cheers! Keep up the good work. (Jamie C.)

This site helps me a lot. (Kavita)

Computer Hope has been a great asset to me in my understanding of the novel world of computers. (Pedro)

This is simply exactly what I was looking for and need .. thanks for whoever made this. (Anonymous)

Very useful and extremely helpful in improving computer knowledge. Thank you. (D. N.)

Figured out how to do text files! I know it's basic and seems trivial but for this 52yo man this was a huge lesson learned! I'm hunting for things I don't quite understand atw yet! Thank you. (Michael)

This actually helped me a lot. I have to take notes on Excel spreadsheets and turn them in tomorrow for my test in my ICT class. All I had to do was copy down the functions of it listed in the artical I used and I'm already half way done. Being a 9th grader, assignments are starting to get more and more challenging, so having a trustworthy and easily accessible source is extremely helpful. Good job :). (Nia)

It had exactly what I was looking for, all other websites where talking about arp on mac or linux soooo, it helped a lot. :) (Gavin M)

Great! All I needed to know. Thanks. (Thomas)

Very simple, easy instructions - with photos. brilliant! (B. F.)

Your page is the only page that helped me in this situation. This page helped me a lot. Thank you so much. (Adithya K.)

Amazing job, perfect for a kid like me who is writing an essay on why computers are good. Advantages and disadvantages pages have really helped me. (Glen S.)

I searched several sites and this was the only one that hit the nail on the head!! Thank you! Excellent. (T. B.)

This site is truly a Very clear, concise, and useful study resource. I will continue to use it, as I move forward with my studies. Thank you for everything. (Perpetual Student)

Just found your site while nosing around. Sounds like my life savior. Got to come back. THANKS. (Don)

A useful page with pleasant surprises; like all forms of conversion. CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS. (Metralla)

Instructions on how to find files in Linux were great. Simple, plain language, and to the point. (Anonymous)

Really easy to follow advice. Step by step instructions are perfect. Well done. (Robert)

This is by far the best and most helpful page I have ever found on the internet. I was so pleased to find this amazing information about Task Scheduler. Thanks. (Chris)

I had no knowledge of how to install a web cam & had meandered across all possible sources of help until in utter desperation & exhaustion I stumbled across my saviour -"Computer Hope." (TECHNOPAUL)

You have a REALLY useful service. So many tech companies either hide or make it extremely difficult to find any contact information. (The Frog)

Thank you for this wonderful site, I learned a lot and was able to understand it. (N.)

Fantastic-had all the info I needed. All on ONE page. Thank you. (Ron P.)

Clear explanations, brief and to the point. Thanks. (Roland)

Just what I was looking for! Very helpful!. (Alexandra L.)

Instructions was quite simple to follow. I was looking to find out how many "Bits" my PC was running. Thanks to your instructions on this site it was easy. (Don P.)

Everyone can increase the knowledge about computer with only Thank you. (Tony W.)

It was good and understandable thank you!. (M. P.)

Othere sites claimed to have the answer. Your site had the answer, clear and concise, and it just worked. (EBX)

As a senior citizen (old man) I wish I had found the site years and years ago. My mental wellness could well have remained at a higher level and my finances likewise!! Many thanks. (Plodwinkel)

Hello Computerhope! Its been 10 year since I first started using Computer hope. I learnt a lot from you guys, solved many problems and my confidence with computers has improved multi-fold. I really want to thank you for all the knowledge you bestowed upon me. Thanks once again! Cheers - Venkat. (Venkat G.)

Indeed this is Computer Hope.. things are explained in plain language, where every person can get information. Thanks. (Kamalabe C.)

Thanks for the tip that option+space on Mac will enter a non-breaking space! That's the kind of quality bonus content I look for when I search for answers :) (T. O.)

This was the best. It was very easy to find my answer. Thank you (Shane)

Very useful. Upset when computer went down but using goggle it was so easy to connect again with the simple instructions given. (Anonymous)

This is so superb Thanks. (Yusef A.)

I wanted to fix my broken laptop key, and I did thanks to this web page. Thank you. (A. D. J.)

Just keep on doing what you're doing...clear correct and concise. Many Thanks. (Joe B.)

I will be returning to this site when I need clear and concise answers to other questions regarding my computer. Thank you! (Carolyn)

Pretty great! Used this for a school project. Don't worry- I credited you in my works cited :p. (Bee)

I've been surfing Google to solve the missing battery icon on my laptop taskbar that mysteriously disappeared and your site is the ONLY one helpful. I've wasted 45 minutes of my life in frustration so THANK YOU! (Deirdre M.)

Thank you for getting to the point with the information I sought. Good job. (Kdy)

Short words but compeletely useful. (Joe)

I very much appreciate your clear, thorough article. I love the subject, but it most articles are written for the viewpoint of the person who already understands it. You have written this for the person who is trying to learn it. It seems to be unusual to find an author who understands programming yet is able to use English so effectively. Thanks!. (Tom M.)

It was amazing visiting your website... I could simply find answers... It helped me a lot ... Thanks!!! (Anonymous)

This is the absolute best article on bash's version of printf (I've only searched the bash version, by the way) that I can find on the Internet. Thank you for helping me understand this topic. (Dionte)

Thanks for the article about "how to use two path variables in windows 7". That was so helpful! (Navid M.)

Just when I needed it! I accidentally entered my password instead of the username, and could not get rid of it. Your tips were perfect. Thanks a lot!. (Aynur)

Thanks for having easy to understand info that does not assume the reader is already an I.T. expert. (E. S.)

Fantastic article! Thanks a lot. Got more than I hoped. (Amirzadeh)

This was an excellent explanation of the functions of F1-F12 keys. It was written so well that persons with a non-tech background, like myself, can understand. Thank you!. (Kim)

This helped me so much, my 2, w, s, and x weren't working and now they are Thank you!. (Anonymous)

I am soooo pleased to have found your web site! I needed to get some info on the hard drive that was installed in my laptop and your web site is a Home Run! Thank you thank you! I have worked with computers since the 1970s as a programmer, data base developer, systems programmer and your web site provided easy to follow instructions that anyone can follow. Thanks again!! (G. M.)

This website is amazing for reading and study I got my answers from it. Good job to the programmers and writers of this site. (Muhammad A. M.)

I found everything I needed and a lot more about batch files. Excellent information! (Scott S.)

I have been having a problem with my icons on my desktop being about 250 pixels, I couldn't change anything in settings that made any difference. When I looked at your site today, I saw something for the windows f keys on your home page and I used shift and f10 and it brought up a menu and in view on that menu it had icon size and I set that to medium. Thank you very much. (Greg B)

I just stumbled across this site, it's great loving it so far! :) (Chris)

Where have you been all my life? I will bookmark your site. Thanks. (M. S.)

Well designed site; easy to navigate, excellent content. (David)

Thank you for the tips. My mouse just stopped working. Your page helped me figure out it wasn't the mouse, it was a setting in Windows. Thanks. (John)

Thanks very much for the explanation about firewalls; This was very important for me to understand. Your website definitely deserves to be on my bookmarks. :) Thanks again for the help, have a good day. (Chesmu)

Site map is excellent. Crystal clear for finding my way in using your site. (Marian)

You have done a great job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Rakesh)

After looking at 4 or 5 videos and articles, I came across this one and the 1st fix solved my problem after trying for hours. I know next to nothing about fixing computers so I was very happy. (C. W.)

Computer Hope is really enlightening for novices and people with no experience etc. to understand concepts and terminology. I am grateful to the writer(s) of this information and I hope the good work will always be available. (Tom M.)

I was looking up a linux command and found it right away. I appreciate the ad-free experience. (C. D.)

To the point, and accurate...I found a new IT Helpsite! (Bob)

Keep up the hard work Computer Hope, web page was pretty good with various forms of helpful information :) (Jamie C.)

Very thorough article. Thank you for all you do to make this information easy to understand! (B.)

Well done for the sincere and detailed step-by-step information. Keep it up! (Rhoda)

Well done for the sincere and detailed step-by-step information. I already shared it to my facebook timeline. Keep it up! (Rhoda)

I was able to grasp the meaning at once. (Edward)

I have been looking for a website with shortcuts for years. I don't know how I clicked in yours. You are a blessing in today's computer era. Keep up the good job. EXCELLENT WORK!!. (Olga)

I like what you guys are doing to provide statistics regarding browsers and operating systems. Thank you! (Bob Thorsen)

I really appreciate the speed of this page. (Ibrahim)

Cool and useful article, thank you. (Push.upstairs2000)

Very useful and easy to understand computer jargon. Well laid out categories. Thank you very much. (Bill)

Your company is fantastic. I have had this issue with write protect for so many years and only after a few simple steps of following your instructions, I am good to go! Thank you. (Jeff S.)

Thank you for this page. I'm not tech savvy, but with a little time I was able to get the video I wanted. (Thanks)

Thank you for the very happy surprise I received when I got into your helpful website. I was expecting a long, drawn out day going from place to place to find what I need - that's what I have become accustomed to and I usually shut the computer down and go for a long walk to help settle down. Thanks to all of you, I don't need that walk today. (Jan)

Wow, this page is so helpful for all computer users. (ABDULLAHI L.)

I like the fact that almost every term that I searched had its own examples. And I recommend that the background color of the site changed or can be changed into white. Like "light mode" and "dark mode." (Midnightramen5)

Easy to navigate for a complete beginner. (I. S.)

Very useful site. No suggestions at the time being! (Paolo)

I was looking for how many bits a byte contains. I quickly found what I was looking for and found a lot of additional useful information presented in a clear and concise way. (Teodor)

This helped me so much and it was super easy to find what I was looking for! I wish there was a website like this for everything, and not just computers!. (Anonymoose)

Thanks for not trying to sell me something. (S. J.)

Once I found your site, I saved url to my favorites/bookmarks. However, now that I've been cruising around here, found more pages to save which cover specific topics. So glad I found you all. Keep up the great work! (C. F.)

Better explanation for a BIOS than the course I paid 3 hundred something for. Congratulations, this is a fine project you have made and or taken a part of. (Guylaurent)

For someone who knows very little about HTML/CSS and trying desperately to learn (and trying to avoid overblown, overworked answers); all I'm looking for is a simple, straightforward solution to HTML/CSS queries. Your answer was bang-on! (J. C.)

Thank you, I'm glad you guys provide this service to the Office community. (P. T.)

Exellent and detailed analyse of slowing down pc, solutions were outstanding. (XXX)

Your instructions on setting up Automator to launch apps was spot on and super useful. Thank you! (Cordell)

You guys rock!!!!!!!! I appreciate your hard work. Keep it up. :) (S. A.)

It was excellent to explore your blog. this made my search easy and fast. # THANK YOU #. (Naveen)

A very helpful page that every computer use should know. (ABDULLAHI M LAWAN)

I'm doing coursework and this website has helped to explain every single thing that I was looking up. The points are really easy to understand and I have learned quite a lot. Thank you so much! (Anonymous)

Hi there! I don't even know how to thank you! The Windows key + p did it, I got the external display working. I think this may have happened when my cat was lying on my lap top keyboard! Thank you again. (Lisa)

Very easy to understand for seniors like me. Wish all sites were like this one!! (PK)

This site wonderful. I was a novice in computer-related studies but your site got me to a higher level and it's making me fall in love with the wonders of computer use. Thank you. (Dean)

I am doing a school project on computers and this was really helpful. (Anonymous)

I've trusted and used Computer Hope since 2002 when I had to figure out Windows error code beeps. :). (Greg)

Thank You for having this information up and available for use. (M. G.)

The shared shortcuts were a big help for me. They actually save time by skipping tedious steps. (Stephanie)

I was looking for the fundamentals of binary and found the explanation very clear. Thanks. (Anonymous)

Best page to get notes for computer science, excellent service. (Anonymous)

Level of info given was reasonable and importantly accurate. Great clearly designed website, keep up the good work. (Lonewolf3)

Many thanks. Easily made me return back to remember the use of MSDOS commands in command line. Precious help, thanks again. (Anonymous)

This is one of the best sites on the internet. (Kelfie)

Thank you so much I got what I was looking for, such a great website. (Aysha)

It was easy to find on the first search to increase font size in Word. Thanks. (Ashish)

Really glad to find Computer Hope! (Laurie K.)

GOOD information for the non-computer guy. (Anonymous)

Helping someone translating a document, and this is the best website for finding synonyms of computer vocabulary. (Lucy)

The advice that was given was presented simply and there was very little unnecessary text. I could easily skim through the page to see what I thought was relevant to me. Thanks. (HoverShoos)

Thanks I was helping a friend and knew what to do but your assistance here made it possible for me not to have to type it all out for her. Thank you very much. (Wendy)

At last, for a complete beginner in some areas, this is the best by far in giving simple clear explanations, without presuming previous knowledge. Thanks. (Leroy)

It was straightforward, and gave me information that I never even knew. I really appreciated it. (J. G.)

Solved my mouse problem that I have been struggling with for 2 years. (Anonymous)

It a great site, full of information. (Rebecca D.)

Thank you for your suggestions to get the battery percentage back in the task bar - I looked through so many other websites before finding your page and one of the solutions helped, thank you so much and all the best!. (Leanne E.)

First time newbie on computers, and willing and eager to learn, thanks for the great information. (Joseph)

I had a essay on Computers, this was very helpful, I didn't have to use citations but this was helpful. (Tay)

Information required was spot on. (T. R.)

Just keep up the good work coz only the best can give whatever knowledge you're sharing with the whole world and u're one of the best. (Tony)

I found it very interesting as a desktop beginner. (Russ E.)

Followed the instructions and my PC is working properly again. (Leah)

Something of a learning & know how experience. Never had a depth look at motherboard and the bits locations. Thank you. (Bhupendra)

It was very easy to find the information I was looking for. Overall 10/10 for the whole website. (Jake)

So far this is the best place to learn all about CMD in a matter of hours. I've spent over four hours copying and learning all that's written on this website about CMD. Thanks a lot for providing this useful information with all for free. (Truces)

Keep up the (sensible!) work. The other websites offer "advice" assuming that you already know! I like how you described how the button I needed to locate LOOK...instead of just repeating the NAME. (Dee)

Excellent advice which helped me to fix a broken letter on my keyboard in about 5 minutes! Thank you so much!!. (Angela)

Thank you very much for helping me. (Tim)

I am really excited to have discovered this new, valuable computer info resource. It is one of the best that I have found! Thanks!!!. (Chipperr)

Wonderful content, thanks for making information simple to understand!. (Anonymous)

Computer Hope re-invented the term "technical support" by offering free technical support and information to everyone. Great job keep it going, keep it coming. Many thanks. (Alex)

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I have been unable to resize the Dashlane application (password manager) for months, since a major version release; it does not respond to the mouse to resize at the edge or top/bottom of the window. I searched Google using the following string: "dashlane can't resize application window" A link to your article was the first under the [People also ask] section. This is a simple and elegant solution that took me way back to early Windows days. Thanks for the reminder. I am going to add an FAQ to Dashlane's user forum and link to this article. Thank you. (Gary)

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